Current Issues

At the heart of the community college experience are many divisive issues. The recent economic recession created budget slashes that left many community colleges largely underfunded for years. Cuts to funding affected those in disadvantaged, traditionally undereducated locations more than others. While pundits in Washington and state governments are seeking solutions daily, there is still much work to be done before all the money is flowing to the right schools.

An issue not directly related to funding is confronting the college remedial education rate. Although students may be accepted into a college, it does not guarantee they will succeed in their coursework, forcing many to take remedial courses to learn basic skills to help them graduate. There are arguments for and against continuing to place students in remedial education classes, both with valid points.

One of the most common issues surrounding higher education and community colleges is diversity. Our section on diversity covers the importance of creating a multicultural campus and what steps are currently being taken to improve every campus’s demographics. The road to diversity is not easy but administrators are working hard to fulfill this goal.

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State of Diversity
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