Applying for an Associates Program

An Associate or AA degree is a post-secondary degree offered mainly by community colleges. In order to apply for an AA degree, you must provide evidence of educational qualifications and [...]

Associates Degree Careers

The Associates Degree is normally considered the lowest tier in the hierarchy of programs offered by institutions of higher learning, whether they be colleges and universities, technical schools, and others. [...]

Transferring your Associates Degree to a Bachelors Program

On graduating from high school, many students make the decision to embark on furthering their educational needs by attending a college, university, or a community college, where they work toward [...]

Current Issues

At the heart of the community college experience are many divisive issues. The recent economic recession created budget slashes that left many community colleges largely underfunded for years. Cuts to [...]


Like any four year university, community colleges are ranked by many official sources. The rankings analyze quality of instruction among other guidelines that help prospective students find the right school [...]

For Educators

Our section on funding explains the efforts the Obama administration is taking to ensure community colleges are receiving the support required to produce excellent graduates. The Bill and Melinda Gates [...]

For Students

Current students and recent graduates will find the necessary resources for employment in our career section. You will learn strategies for making the most of your community college credentials and [...]

America’s Big Test

It’s the culmination of American K-12 Education. Students must prove they’re ready for college. EMBED THE IMAGE ABOVE ON YOUR SITE

Writing a Successful Proposal

For the student seeking a grant, the proposal is an incredibly important part of the process. The facts of the scenario can only sway the committee so much. The format [...]

Integrating Technology in the Classroom

As technology expands into increasingly fascinating and educational ways, it becomes a challenge for teachers to stay current with new devices and programs without sacrificing the quality of education. Adding [...]

Earth Science Lessons – Online Guide

In many ways, science and geography are closely related to each other and they can be extremely interesting to learn about! Many different subjects, such as the earth’s changing composition, [...]