SAT's – America's Big Test

Click here to see the graphic! The SATs have long been the gold standard of college admissions. Along with grades, the mythic 3-part exam has stood as the ultimate test [...]

Click here to see the graphic!

The SATs have long been the gold standard of college admissions. Along with grades, the mythic 3-part exam has stood as the ultimate test before the applications process, the yardstick by which the caliber of every student is fairly measured. Unfortunately, the SATs seem to have outworn their usefulness, as studies scrutinizing their efficacy have revealed profound inequalities in student achievement on the test. The scores of white and Asian students are rising, while the scores of black and Latino students are dropping, and this uncomfortable truth has many people questioning what is going wrong. Some experts point to the inordinate attention paid to test-taking skills, rather than knowledge for its own sake, a manner of teaching that favors advantaged students with solid academic backgrounds. While the SAT itself may not be to blame, it has revealed problems in the underlying structure of childhood education that desperately need addressing.


Tameka Echols

I think that going to school online was the right choice for me because of the circumstances in my life. The main piece of advice that I would offer others is to make sure you are committed to finishing your degree before you sign up. It is very important that you are committed to doing this because you are investing in your future.


Seth Stapleton

I interact with my professors through e-mail, and I feel that we are able to maintain a strong professional relationship through online communication. For instance, I have co-founded a business, and my professors are very interested in hearing about its progress. In fact, I have added several of my professors to my LinkedIn network, and they are helping me to build connections.


Roy Cato

When you are focused on learning, your mind is growing. Just like a muscle, you are exercising it. You are not just memorizing, you are actively thinking.


Nicole Gonzales

I did a great deal of research on online programs, and Phoenix had the best feedback from students, the best website and the best success rate for graduates.


Natalee Harp-Blakley

The broad-based nature of the program provided me with skills and knowledge that are applicable to many different areas of business. I feel that this versatile collection of courses has improved my employment opportunities.


Monica Elam

I wanted to earn my associates degree partially online because I needed a way to juggle work, family and school. The way of the world is that adults work because we all need money to live, and I don’t complain about that. But it seemed like there weren’t enough hours in the day to attend to all of my responsibilities, so a blended computer networking program allowed for greater flexibility.


Lori Jessing

The most important factor for students who are considering a degree in the health industry is to ensure that your school’s program is properly accredited by the American Health Information Management Association. That accreditation acts like an official endorsement of the validity of the program that you are applying to, so you know you can trust it.


Laura Turner

The 2 biggest factors that went into my decision to pursue my associates degree online were time and convenience.


Kameka Bausley

The biggest strength of my program is the high quality resources available to students. The program provides students with the option to join a study group, work with a certified accounting tutor or access the online math center to review homework problems.


Jeannette McCay

The general education courses in my human services management program provided me with the educational foundation that I needed in order to succeed.


Eleanor Decker

And in order to stay engaged in your online classes, it is important to stay focused on your long term goals. As you work, continue to look towards the future and remind yourself of your goals.


Brooke Siever

The best advice I could give to you as an online student is to be your own advocate. Take advantage of every opportunity and be proactive in clearing up misunderstandings.


Brandi Wesley

Make sure that your support team is doing its job. If any of your advisors is not providing the guidance necessary for you to succeed, seek another.


Audra Coon

I have actually had a better experience with my online professors than with my on-campus professors. Online students often come to class with a lot of life experience, which professors respect, whereas on-campus students are often right out of high school. Professors respond to them differently.


Angela Kish-Wolf

I appreciated the ability to revisit course material when I studied online. There is no chance to mishear a professor during a lecture. You will always get the information right.


Adrian Hammerle

If you want to find employment in the information technology field, you should plan to get a bachelors degree and to keep on learning throughout your career. Programming and web design and development are always evolving as new technology arises. You will need to keep current so that your skill set does not become outdated.